3 Easy Ways To Make Iced Coffee At Home

I have something to admit. I'm an iced coffee addict.

My best friend teases me all the time, mostly because over the years I spent as a barista, it became a habit. When you’re working in a coffee shop the iced coffee is almost always already made, and it’s an easy jolt of caffeine when you just need to pour something and get to work.

Now that I work from home, I do most of my coffee drinking here. Since I can drink several cups of coffee in a day, I keep a home coffee bar, stocked with all my favorite coffees from my favorite coffee roasters, flavored syrups, and sweeteners so that I save money and time on going out, and I can still enjoy that coffee house vibe.

It’s pretty easy to do when it's cold out - just brew and go! But what happens when it starts getting warmer and I need that iced coffee hit?

Here are my three favorite ways to solve that problem!

The Coffee Shop Method

During the years I spent as a barista, we used this method every day to make the iced specialty coffee we sold our customers. It’s really easy - just take your favorite brew (we suggest our Costa Rica, found below!), and scoop out the normal amount of coffee grounds you’d use for a pot. Then, only add half the normal water you’d add to that size coffee pot, and hit brew.

This will produce some ultra concentrated coffee. After it’s done, add it to a pitcher, and fill with ice - the ice will dilute the coffee and decrease the temperature, so you’re left with a perfect iced coffee blend!


The Small Batch Cold Brew Method

I like to always have coffee nearby, and this is hands down the easiest method for making a cold coffee beverage that you’ll find on the internet. The only thing you need is a french press, coffee grounds, water, and the ability to remember to make it at least twelve hours before you need it.

Add the normal amount of coffee grounds you’d use for your french press. Fill it up with water, place the plunger on top, but don’t depress it. Put it in the fridge.

After twelve hours have passed, pull out the french press, depress the plunger, and enjoy! You’ve made your very own cold brew at half the price


The Ice Cube Method

This works well if you’ve got leftover coffee you know you aren’t going to drink, or you can make a pot just to freeze. Get an ice cube tray (preferably one that you’ll use just for this, as the coffee will stain the tray) and fill it up with coffee. Freeze until solid. Pop the ice cubes out, put them in a plastic bag and store in your freezer.

When you want some iced coffee, fill your glass with these cubes, and then cover with fresh brewed coffee a little at a time. This will cool the coffee down without diluting it, and you can have iced coffee anytime!


There we are - three of my favorite ways for making iced coffee! I think I’m going to get out my french press and make some tonight, maybe with some baked goods like blueberry muffins or maybe a scone - yum yum! Wondering what coffee roasts make good iced coffee? Check out our Costa Rica blend below! Its acidity makes it perfect! I know I'm going to add some to my next coffee delivery, and you should too!


What is your favorite iced coffee drink? Let us know in the comments below, and we might even try to replicate it in a recipe for you in a future post!


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