3 Things You Must Do After You Make Your Morning Coffee


A cup of coffee is the first ingredient to the perfect morning, but what are the second and third ingredients. Some of us have such hectic mornings that it’s a time of day we dread, but the truth is, the morning is one of the most important times of the day. It’s a time to reflect, to clear your mind, and to think about what you’ve got to do for the rest of the day.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, but we think with a little help from us (and coffee) you’re well on your way to acing every morning from now on.

Find A Quiet Place

All right, you’ve got your coffee. It’s freshly ground, it smells fantastic, and you’re pretty sure that the french press is the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

What now?

Now, you find a quiet place. Ideally, a place designated for your morning quiet time. Somewhere comfortable, with a soft blanket, and not a lot of noise. If you’re a parent with a busy morning schedule and quiet is rare, try waking up just 15 minutes earlier to grab your quiet time. You’ll thank us later.

While you sip your coffee, enjoy the quiet. Let your mind wander for a minute, and take a few deep breaths. If the weather is amenable, and you have a place to, sit outside, and look out at the new day.

Grab a Journal

Journaling is good for the soul.

Everyone says this, but then they neglect to tell you the second part, which is that effective journaling has rules. Set a timer for just five minutes, and write without thinking. Get out all your thoughts for the day, even small, petty, or irritating ones. Use the journal to clear out your brain and get it ready to face the new day.

Sip your coffee and get all your worries out on the page, and you’ll be a blank slate, ready for a fresh round of productivity.


Plan Your Day

Once you’re done free journaling, take another couple of minutes to sip your coffee and think. Then, turn to a fresh page for a fresh day, and write your to-do list.

This isn’t just any to-do list though. Your daily to-do list should have just three items - the three most important items - and that’s it. All the other minuscule things you have to do can come later, but for now, just jot down the three most important tasks of the day.

When you get the three most important things out of the way, you’ll have a much easier time getting the little stuff done.

The perfect morning is way more attainable than you think. All you need is a nice, hot cup of your favorite Finest of Coffee blend, a healthy breakfast, and a little planning to meet your goals and start living your best life!

What does your perfect morning routine look like? Have any tips and tricks to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!


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