An Interview With KatTales!


This week, we're bringing you an interview with one of our favorite coffee lovers! KatTales is a Twitch streamer at, a member of the Cutscene Queens stream group, and a true coffee fan! 

Hi Kat! Can you tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

 Hey guys!  I’m 27 years old and located in middle Tennessee. I live in a renovated house from the 1970’s with my partner, Geoffrey, and we have 2 cats, Mavis and Big Boy.

I love all things outdoors, sewing, and tech! For work, I run a channel on, an online streaming service owned by Amazon where I play video games for a living. It’s much more in-depth than it sounds but I describe it as being an online bartender or radio broadcaster to my friends and family that aren’t in the know. All my little cousins who are obsessed with Fortnite or Minecraft think it’s the best job in the world (I agree with them).

Whoa! That's a pretty cool life you're living. What's your favorite game to play?

        That’s such a hard question! I’ve been playing video games consistently since the release of Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider for the Playstation in 1996. Having played for over two decades some of the games that I consider nearest and dearest to my heart are Night in the Woods, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Dragon Age Origins & Inquisition, and The Sims 3 & 4.


You must have an interesting morning routine. Can you tell us about it?

        Sure! I get up around 8 am and head to the kitchen where it’s a toss-up between my Chemex or the Keurig depending on how fast I need caffeine to get into my body. 

While the water is heating up, I have my first important decision to make...picking out my mug for the day! I love collecting coffee mugs (so much so that we’re running out of cabinet room and I’m being asked to stop buying them) so picking which one I’m going to use for the day has become a really fun part of my routine.

Then, it’s time to head to the couch where I wake up, hang out with the cats, catch up on emails and social media. Usually, I’ll fire up a podcast or audiobook while I stretch and then it’s time to head into the office to work on school, stream, or commissions. I’ve been doing this routine for about 6 months and I find it’s working beautifully.


What does your ideal morning look like?

Waking up on a Saturday morning (preferably a rainy one) and chilling out with Geoffrey and the cats on the couch while we both have our morning caffeine and homemade French toast is a top tier morning in my book. It’s made even better if a new show on Netflix just dropped or our favorite content creators have uploaded a new video.


So, we're a coffee company, we have to do you take your coffee? Any guilty pleasure drinks you love?

Recently, I’ve been enjoying Finest of Coffee’s Columbia Medium Roast. I love just a splash of half and half but I take the carton and shake it so it froths up and makes for a quick and dirty latte. If I’m wanting to splurge I bring out the whipped cream and caramel toppings. I used to be a creamer addict but lately, I haven’t wanted to start my mornings with so much sugar.


Thanks for hanging out with us today! We know you're busy, but one last question...who is the biggest coffee drinker you know?

 I would have to say my mom. She’s the one who introduced coffee into my life. I always loved the smell of it coming from the kitchen when I was a kid, and she still has a small percolator she got in Italy back in the ’80s.

Mom also encouraged me to get my first job as a cafe barista at a bookstore. Whenever I drive out to see her the first thing we always do is brew up some coffee and she’s always buying me new roasts and flavors to try out. She’s actually delighted that I’m working with The Finest of Coffee! Hi Mom!


We loved talking with Kat, and I'm sure we'll be talking to her again. (We'd love to make some French toast with you, Kat!) If you want to learn more about her, you can find KatTales at @okatparker on Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to follow her on Twitch and catch her streams at

Want to try out Kat's favorite coffee? Check it out below!

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