Coffee Shops vs. Home Delivery

Now, you may be thinking, “There are so many places to buy coffee near me. What’s the point of buying at home when I can just get it while I’m out and about?” 

As it turns out, coffee shops nearby may not be doing the best by you. The atmosphere is nice, sure, and the convenience is all well and good, but are you getting the best coffee for your money?


Let’s start out with a big one! Coffee shops - especially the large, corporate chains, often have coffee that suffers from being prepared for mass-production. Over-processed and roasted in large batches with a tendency towards tasting burnt, shop coffee can sometimes leave something to be desired.

When you order at home, however, you have the chance to completely customize the taste of your drink. You can order the best coffee beans, make sure it’s ground fresh, and make sure the coffee isn’t sitting out before you drink it. If you enjoy flavored coffee, you can make sure your favorite flavors are always on-hand, and customize them to your heart’s content.

It’s the picky coffee-lover’s dream.


Whoa, how much sugar is in that?

Big corporate coffee chains are notorious for loading sugar and a lot of unnecessary additives into their coffee. With at-home coffee, you’re not only taking control of the taste, but also what goes into it as well - everything from sugar, to caffeine content, to how clean your appliances are. Bringing your coffee making into the home means bringing your health in hand.


This may be a no-brainer, but for the price of three or four small cups of coffee at large chain shops, you can buy an entire pound of coffee beans. In a world where we’re all trying to take a little bit better control of our cash, we should definitely be relying on home coffee for most of our morning joe needs.

Your Kitchen Is Always Open

No more frantically consulting your phone to tell you where the coffee shops open now are. You don’t have to worry about your kitchen closing - it’s yours. Whether you’re a very early riser, or a night owl who needs juice for studying, your own kitchen isn’t gonna close down on you.

More Environmentally Friendly

You’ll use less paper waste when you make coffee at home. Not only will you save a paper cup, but you’ll also be avoiding having part in the massive cardboard waste produced by big-box coffee companies.

You Can Have Any Atmosphere You Like

A lot of folks I know choose coffee shops for their atmosphere. But really, when you’re making coffee at home, you can have any atmosphere. Don’t let one place tie you down to subpar coffee when you can have the perfect cup - and go anywhere you like!

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons at-home coffee can be a big improvement over coffee shops. Convenience and travel will, of course, always be a factor, but there are a lot of reasons to give the big coffee shops a pass, and instead opt for the tastier, more economical coffee delivery services available to you.

Let us know in the comments below - have you switched to home delivery? And if so, let us know what your favorite perk is!



I love to imagine myself in a coffee commercial after I go through the process of making a great cup of coffee. You can’t compare to the kind of taste you get from home-brewed coffee!


Man, I wish I had healthier coffee just because I made it at home! Unfortunately, this is me we’re talking about, and I definitely use way too much sugar anyway.

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