Featured Blend: Costa Rica


Are you ready for a coffee that tastes great no matter how you make it?

Then our Costa Rica coffee is the blend for you! This lovely coffee is ethically grown in  beautiful Costa Rica, and boasts a bright, fruity acidity that makes it perfect hot, or in your favorite iced coffee drinks. This week we’re going to dive into some iced coffee recipes perfect for spring, but first, let’s talk about the different foods you can pair with your Costa Rica coffee!

Pairing Guide

Our Costa Rica blend has fruity notes that pair perfectly with your favorite fruit flavor. Try pairing it with your favorite warm weather fruits like lemon, strawberry, and blackberry - especially in a tart that lets the fruit flavor shine!

White chocolate lovers, rejoice! Our Costa Rica coffee is the perfect pairing with our white chocolate coffee syrup, or any pastry with white chocolate! The acidity and the white chocolate combine for a complex flavor you’ll love!  Drink it hot, or add white chocolate coffee syrup to a tall glass of iced coffee for a classic coffeehouse favorite that you can make at home for a fraction of the price!

We’re on board with all things sweet! Our Costa Rica blend is a perfect compliment to shortbread cookies, making this buttery combo a perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

Looking for some more traditional breakfast options? This coffee pairs perfectly with a breakfast of sausage and eggs, the complex flavor of the sausage complimenting the simple, strong flavor of our light or medium roast Costa Rica coffee. It also compliments grains well, so you can have this one with your toast or cereal and have the best morning possible!

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