Featured Blend: Nicaragua

Meet our Nicaraguan Blend!

Our premium coffee from Nicaragua is part of a long and storied heritage of coffee production in the region. Coffee production began in Nicaragua in the 1850s, and now - almost 200 years later - it a huge part of the country’s economy. 

You know after 200 years of experience, the coffee has got to be amazing! Our particular blend is smooth-bodied and rich, with nutty notes and just a hint of vanilla. The acidity is mild, perfect for enjoying on any occasion.

Pairing Guide

Coffee cakes and pastries are a natural pairing with any coffee, but the Nicaraguan blend’s balanced vanilla sweetness pairs perfectly with the cinnamon of a classic coffee cake. Its mild acidity is also a great partner for a classic cream cheese danish, providing a good, nutty counterpoint to the tang of cream cheese.

Nicaraguan blend also pairs well with oatmeal and maple flavors, making it a perfect breakfast coffee! Maple and brown sugar oatmeal, pancakes, and oatmeal-raisin cookies are all delightfully complimented by the coffee’s vanilla undertones.

If you’re looking for a daily breakfast coffee, this is it. Whether in Light, Medium, or Dark roast, Nicaraguan Coffee by Finest of Coffee could be the perfect pick for you! Click here to order today - and get 10% off your first order! 


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