Featured Blend: Uganda


This week’s featured coffee is one of our favorite blends: Uganda! Coffee is Uganda’s #1 export, and we’ve selected the finest beans to bring you Finest of Coffee’s Ugandan blend. A fine coffee with an intense, winelike acidity, this coffee is made for after-dinner treats, or enjoyed on an afternoon coffee break.


Paring Guide

Uganda Blend has a high, bright acidity, so the very best things to pair it with? Fruits!

Are you a big fan of scones? A nice blueberry scone or blueberry muffin pairs well with the fruity notes in our Uganda coffee, making for the perfect compliment to your breakfast, or maybe even a nice moment of afternoon relaxation. It’s also a good pair with a tangy strawberry greek yogurt, or toast with raspberry jam.

Uganda is also fantastic paired with stone and citrus fruits. Lemon cake, peach cobbler, and cherry pie all highlight the coffee’s winelike qualities, singling it out as a superstar dessert coffee.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, this coffee also pairs well with savory brunch options, especially poultry. Try serving it with a chicken sausage and egg scramble or the classic chicken and waffles, and you’ll take your brunch from good to great!

If you’re like me, and you always keep a variety of coffee nearby, this is one you’ll want in your collection as soon as possible. Whether you drink it black to enjoy the full, bright flavor, or soften it out with a little bit of cream, Uganda blend from Finest of Coffee is sure to please.


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