Featured Coffee: Brazil

Looking for a little luxury in your life? 


We’re so excited to bring your our Brazil blend! Brazil blend is one of our premium blends, perfect for use in espresso, where it produces a rich crema and a dark and complex taste.  Among the notes included are vanilla, almond, sweet chocolate, and cinnamon. It’s great for lattes, or just a luxurious cup of drip coffee before you head off to work in the morning.


Tired of burnt tasting coffee?

If you’re used to big coffee chains, then you’ve probably notice that even the lighter roasts at large corporations taste a little bit...off. A little burnt. That’s because of the mass-production process they use to roast their coffee beans. Even if you order a single-origin Brazil blend from a big corporation, you might not be getting the flavor you want. Here at Finest of Coffee, we roast all of our coffees in small batches, ensuring that nothing is ever over-roasted. That’s why our Brazil coffee maintains it’s complex flavor, ensuring you get the best cup of coffee every time. 

Looking to get some Brazil blend? Click here to get your daily cup of luxury! 


But what do I eat with it?

We know, we know. Sometimes all you have time for in the mornings is to scarf a cup of coffee before you the day starts to just wash over you. But on the occasion you have a moment for some luxury and a quick scroll through instagram with your coffee break, check out these tasty pairings!

Food Pairing Guide 

Brazil’s wonderfully complex flavor profile allows for a lot of really fun pairings! The cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate notes make it incredibly versatile. 

One of our favorite pairings for it? Fruit tarts. It’s really not as hard as it sounds to make, either - you can find mini graham cracker pie crusts, fill them with some storebought lemon curd or blackberry jelly, and top with fresh fruit! The tartness of the fruit and the sweet vanilla and almond notes in the Brazil coffee will make a perfect pairing, and these are easy to make ahead and freeze! 

Brazil coffee is another dark chocolate superstar! We love this coffee with a few dark-chocolate-dipped cherries as an afternoon treat, or with a simple square of plain dark chocolate after dinner! 

More of a cookie lover with your coffee? Don’t blame you! Crunchy, crumbly shortbread - whether store-bought or homemade - are a perfect pairing for this blend. Looking for a sturdy breakfast coffee? Brazil is one of our favorite blends to drink every morning with toast or cereal because of how well it pairs with whole grain flavors. This coffee would make a great companion to toast with butter and jam, or even a bowl of granola!

We are especially proud of this blend, and we’re looking forward to seeing how you feel about it as well! If you’re interested in trying out this complex blend, check it out below - and let us know how it makes your morning a little brighter!

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