Featured Coffee: Columbia


Columbia coffees are some of the most well-known and sought after coffees in the world. Due to near-perfect coffee growing conditions in rich volcanic soil, this small country is the #3 exporter of coffee in the entire world. With beans that are known for their rich, mild flavor reaching the world over, Finest of Coffee has worked hard to bring you the very best Columbian blend we could find. 

Want to know what foods to pair with your Columbia coffee delivery? Check out our pairing guide below.

Pairing Guide

Columbia coffees are often rich in flavor without being overpowering, which is what makes them a perfect coffee for pairing with just about anything. Our particular Columbian blend has a balanced acidity that makes it an ideal all-day coffee, lasting you from breakfast all the way to a coffee you might have with dessert after a good meal. 

You could start your day with Columbian blend from your coffee bar paired with a nice fried egg sandwich on wheat toast or a bowl of whole grain cereal with berries. Columbia’s acidity pairs very well with berries, while it’s richness highlights the nutty tones in whole grains perfectly.

If you’re looking for a more decadent morning, Columbia Blend’s richness makes the perfect companion for a cinnamon roll, and can also pack a huge punch alongside vegetable-based quickbreads like a nutty zucchini or carrot bread.

And the very best thing about our Columbia blend? Columbia is chocolate’s best friend. Make sure to keep some Colombia coffee nearby to have alongside a crunchy chocolate biscotti, enjoy it as the companion to a sweet white chocolate truffle, or use it as after-dinner coffee with a classic and luscious chocolate cake!  

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