Featured Coffee: Timor

This week’s Featured Blend, Timor, is a coffee that can function as a Jack-of-All-Trades. It can go with almost anything, but this big coffee from a small island especially shines when it comes to full and complex flavors that you’d find on the table at brunch, or with a midday or post-dinner treat like a brownie or a doughnut.

Looking for something to pair with our Timor Blend? We’ve got some suggestions we think you’re going to love.

Pairing Guide

Since Timor blend is complex, so making a pot or a french press to accompany a Sunday brunch spread will provide you with a coffee that won’t be overwhelmed, and can pair with both savory and sweet flavors. Try pairing Timor with a hearty quiche or omelet, and then turn around and drink it with a chocolate doughnut, and you’ll experience two completely different flavor profiles!

Are you a salted caramel fan? Timor is for you. The salty-sweet combination is perfect in concert with a salted caramel  brownie or with salted caramel syrup added to it.

Or you could try a coffee cake with caramelized pecans to compliment the chocolate notes.

The berry notes in Timor would be well complimented by a whole wheat or bran raspberry muffin. You could also try berry-studded whole wheat pancakes, because the coffee’s notes, especially in dark roast, pair excellently with whole wheat and grains.

If you’re on the go, a handful of honey-roasted peanuts, or a trail mix filled with dried fruit.  An iced version of this coffee would be good with savory + sweet main dishes like teriyaki chicken or pork and apples.

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