Top 10 At Home Coffee Bar Snacks

Food and coffee go hand in hand. While it’s fine to drink your coffee alone, sometimes you need a little pick-me-up to pair with it, and with our goal of providing you a craft coffee experience with at-home coffee delivery, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 at home coffee bar snacks for you to stock up on!

Chocolate Truffles

Adding a multicolored mix of individually wrapped chocolate truffles to a glass jar atop your home coffee bar can add a touch of beauty and indulgence - just make sure that jar has a lid, because if you’re anything like me, these things will be gone in a heartbeat!

Fig Bars

Have you ever eaten a fig bar? They were staples in my grandmother’s household, and their warm spice and slight tang go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

Salted Almonds

Most coffee shops have little individual packets of nuts near the front counter, and for good reason - nuts,especially almonds, go great with coffee. Experiment with different types to see your favorite flavor combination, and never be afraid of going without an on-the-go-snack when you’re in a hurry.

Dark Chocolate Bars

Surprising no one, dark chocolate is coffee’s best friend. Keep a few bars of the darkest chocolate you like, and break a few squares off to have with your morning coffee. If portion control is a problem for you, look for bags with individually wrapped squares!

Shortbread Cookies

    These buttery, crunchy little cookies are perfect for dunking in a cup of coffee, especially when you’re in a hurry and want something sweet. The rich, sweet taste goes perfectly with any coffee blend, bringing out the unique flavors in each.


    If you’re a health food nut, or you just like something sweet and crunchy once in a while, consider keeping small bags of granola at your coffee stand. These make for a great on-the-go breakfast or snack, and they often come in flavors that pair perfectly with coffee. Try a sweet vanilla granola or one that contains cinnamon to pair with just about anything!


    Whether you’re a fan of big, chewy soft pretzels or the crunchy kind, pretzels are a great accompaniment to coffee, and the crunchy ones can be found in stores to provide a cheap, healthy, and quick snack to go with your midmorning brew. Pair them with a sweet coffee to get that salty/sweet contrast.

    Dried Fruit

    Dried fruit is like candy, only it came from nature! And it pairs perfectly with most breakfast coffee blends. Try apple slices and banana chips in small plastic baggies to grab as you head out the door.


    No coffee shop is complete without bagels, and while you can make your own (and we may show you how to make them yourself in the future!) there are no shortage of delicious varities available in your local grocery store. We like an everything bagel with cream cheese, and a nice, hot dark roast.

    Keep some individually-packaged cream cheese in your fridge, and you’ll have a quick meal to go with your morning coffee whenever you need it.

    Coconut Chips

    You may have seen coconut chips lining the front counter of your local coffee shop - they’re a delicious, healthy snack made of pure coconut. If you can’t find these in your local store, try toasting some shredded coconut instead - it crunches up in the oven just the same, and makes for a fantastic snack to pair with an iced coffee drink in the summer.

    There you have it - our ten favorite on-the-go snacks to accompany your home coffee bar. Are there any we’ve missed? What favorite snacks do you like to eat with coffee? Let us know in the comments below?

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